Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To Human Rights Watch

Dear HRW,

I am writing this letter in order to report some violations to human rights that occures in my country , I apologise for the poor writing since English is not my first language . I am from Kuwait and I dare to say that our situation as born citizines is getting worse day by day .

Islamic fundamentalists in my country are taking advantage of numerous loop holes in our constitution and democratic system in order to turn Kuwait into a backward islamic state which belongs to pre-historic ages . More restrictive laws are proposed by the elected parliment members almost everyday which are approved and acted upon by the executive branch (the government).

Examples of already existed laws :

-Lack of the freedom of belief which is punished by revoking citizinship.

-Prohibition of renting apartments or hotel rooms by Kuwaiti bachlors .

-Prohibition of eating or drinking in public places in the mornings of Ramadan (lunar calender month).

-Prohibition for women to renew or get a passport without the permission, approval , presense of a legal guardian.

-Restrictions on freedom of speech concerning historical and some public figures , beliefs and religious traditions .

-Overused sencorship in the media (TV , News papers).

-Applying too many restrictions on entertainment goods (movies , books , video games , etc ..) which results in banning a large percentage of exported material.

-Banning any form of bublic celebrations on the basis of maintaining tradition and moral values , except for the national celebration which already contains illogical restrictions .

-Dress code law to ban the imitation of the opposite sex (very elastic).

-Women can work only in defined hours .

-refusal to build house of worships for non muslims with very little exceptions .

Examples of newly proposed laws that its application is only a matter of time :

-Applying islamic sanctions (chopping off hands , beheading , whipping )

-Establishments of (virtue command) religious institution like the one which already exists in saudi arabia , involving men in civilian clothes beating up women to cover themselves and closing shops at prayer times .

-Banning the national day celebration and any form of holiday that is not islamic .

-Breaching the privacy of private property to ensure abiding by islamic laws .

-Banning any form of bublic speech which contains a slight remark about religion

-Banning exported media (dvds , books)

Reports from the government with regards to these issues are lacking credibility and show absolute bias , that is why I recommend that you do not consider them very highly . I hope this desperate attempt will be the first step in ending this reign of tyrrany that has plagued our country for more than thirty years . Thank you .


ps : feel free to copy this and send it to whomever might be concerned


فتى الجبل said...

الشكوى لله
عقب ما كان العرب يلجئون للكويت لأنها واحة للحرية بالستينات والسبعينات
صرنا نشتكي للمنظمات الدولية من تقييد حرياتنا بديرتنا
لي وين بيوصلنا المتاسلمين؟

AyyA said...

I hear you bro

صلاح سالم said...

The only way for a change to occur is if it comes from the inside. Don't count on help from the outside. The western world only interferes in the internal affairs of countries that are considered "rogue" countries or anti-western ones.

Need proof? You needn't look any further than countries like Egypt and Jordan. Officially, these countries are considered pro-western. Therefore, regardless of the many human rights violations that occur there (use of excessive force to regulate "free speech" for example) or the poor living conditions that a big portion of their citizens have to endure, you hardly (if ever) hear (or read about) American and/or European threats (or at least strong-toned criticism) directed toward these two countries.

Therefore, as long as Kuwait is considered one of the USA's major allies in the region, you can be sure that no external force will drive dramatic change in Kuwait, and that any statements or demands made by parties such as the HRW will be mere hollow words falling on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

اضحكوا على المجانين في منتديات الجزيرة توك

Anonymous said...


و الصحيح هو


لك ان تلغي مشاركتي هذه بعد التصحيح


Mozart said...


تم اجراء اللازم


Mozart said...

صلاح سالم

i beg to differ , kuwait was not liberated without the intervention of exernal forces .

and as for egypt and jordan , they recieve billions of dollars every year from the united states , but all that money goes to the ruler`s pockets , and we cant neglect the role of false and misleading reports .

yet still , i dont think that being an ally or an enemy to the united state has much to do with human rights institution activities , unless u got proofs for otherwise

Mozart said...

فتى الجبل

أعلم بأنها محاولة يائسة , لكن كما يقولون أن تشعل شمعه خير من أن تلعن الظلام


viva la liberty

صلاح سالم said...

i beg to differ , kuwait was not liberated without the intervention of exernal forces
This is irrelevant to the point I was making. America spear-headed the military action to liberate Kuwait in order to protect its own interests and to return power to the ruling family that is allied with them.

What I was talking about is further involvement in the country's internal affairs in issues that have no direct impact on America's own interests. As long as Kuwait's foreign policy towards America doesn't change, and as long as Americans get to do what they want here (even if it's under the table at times), then America doesn't give a damn about what kind of oppression the Islamists have in mind for the simple citizen.

and as for egypt and jordan , they recieve billions of dollars every year from the united states , but all that money goes to the ruler`s pockets , and we cant neglect the role of false and misleading reports
This proves my point. Apart from the constant human rights violations going on in these two countries, they still get constant aid from America (as well as some other countries like Kuwait that are forced to help!). And what do you mean by false and misleading reports? Do you consider the constant reports about police brutality and media control to be fabricated?

yet still , i dont think that being an ally or an enemy to the united state has much to do with human rights institution activities , unless u got proofs for otherwise
Hmm.. let's see. Egyptian police uses excessive force and torture, we don't hear international criticism. Iran hangs a convicted rapist, the world cries foul! Jordanian police uses lethal force to stop a peaceful demonstration in front of the israeli embassy, no objections from the west. Hamas wins the Palestinian elections by a landslide, the world condemns these elections and disregards the results!

Anyway, I will not go through the trouble of digging through news archives to give you links. These events were covered by many of the major news sources on different media (tv - print - internet) throughout the last year or two.

And to reiterate, HRW and other human rights institutions can make all the statements they want, but these will still be hollow words with no power to drive change UNLESS they are backed by parties that have power. For example, Turkey and many eastern European nations had to pay heed to certain human rights violation claims because the EU demanded the resolution of such issues before these countries could even be considered for joining. If the EU did not involve itself in the issue, these countries would not have taken the claims seriously nor attempted to rectify the situation.

Anonymous said...

good idea

Anonymous said...

سمعوك ..ولكن لن يكترثون لك

لان مصالحهم تتطلب التحالف مع أعداء الحرية

أنتظر عندما تحج البقر على قرونها


MaCHBoS said...

لازم يتحرك التحالف باسرع وقت و ان تتحرك المظاهرات باسرع وقت ممكن يا جماعه راحت الديره صرنا دينيه اقروا اللنك

Anonymous said...

mashkooor wayed mozart o atmana enek tarselha lehom 7eta law
you can send to:

MaCHBoS said...

whats wrong with gays and lesbians the are human just like you and me they got brain they think they got their own choice but unlike the retards keeps saying God Cursed Who Look Like male or female !! where are we living in jungle or somthing the strong eats the weak !! if theres a law says you have to shave all you beard and make your man-dress longer {deshdasha} would you agree, am not talking to you mozart am talking to the retards whom living the 1400 years life style !! if they keep saying stop american product or eurpoe union product Why in the hell you use europian cars or american cars !!

حلال لهم حرام على غيرهم !!

Mozart said...

صلاح سالم

i cincerly apologise for this late reply because of time deficiency

ur point states that america wouldnt care about internal issues as long as they get thier support from the ruling regime . there is an important issue that u seem to be forgotten about , our internal issues might fluctuate to abandon our good relationship with th US , most kuwaitis and especially fundamentalists are opposing the presense of US troops and any sort of alliance with the country itself . our regime is not a dictatorship like the saudis or the egyptian and our government might succumb to internal pressure which will affect the relation with the US negativly , thats why it is for thier own interests to interfere .

Mozart said...


اقرأ ردي على الزميل صلاح سالم

انونيمس 2

شكرا جزيلا


homosexuality is present since the beggining of existance of human civilization and nobody can do nothing to erase it , even in islamic heaven muslims are promised with young beautiful boys which is mentioned in the koran